The Stolen Title


‘The Stolen Title’ tells the true story of how Cold War skulduggery robbed Jaroslav Falta of the ‘74 250cc motocross World Championship title. Spellbinding from start to finish, it provides a complete picture of Falta’s life story, the arduous culture of eastern bloc sports and society during the sixties and seventies, and also reveals how communist control led to the decline of Czech motorcycle industry.

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For all fans of  1970s moto-x, and especially CZ racers, this book is a  MUST HAVE
A young man – Jaroslav Falta living behind the iron curtain and working so hard to achieve his dream, only to have it taken away by politics.
It tells the behind the scenes story of one of the most historical and controversial chapters in motocross history.
Unbelievable, gripping, fascinating, emotional and educational. A beautifully written true story about sports and politics.

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“Mind-blowing motocross books don’t come around too often, but this is definitely one of them. As I read it I wept, laughed and learned, and found myself transported back to a time when motorcycle racers were as hard as nails, motorcycles were far from perfect, and Cold War skulduggery robbed Jaroslav Falta of a motocross World Championship title.”

“This book provides an unparalleled insight into the events that transpired to rob Jaroslav Falta of his world title in 1974. Spellbinding from start to finish, naming all the players and laying out the cold hard facts of life under a communist regime, this book will both fascinate and entertain the reader. But the book is so much more than just a tale of subterfuge; it provides a complete picture of Falta’s life and challenges on the Grand Prix motocross circuit, as well as detailing the lives of many other outstanding Czech riders of the era. Every fan of motocross history should read this book – it’s a real life ‘thriller’ about a real life hero.”

KEN SMITH – EDITOR VMX Magazine (Australia)

“The Stolen Title is the first deep-dive into Jaroslav Falta’s career that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. It’s much more than a glimpse into Falta’s difficult but fascinating odyssey, through both motocross, and the arduous culture of eastern bloc sports during the sixties and seventies. Tippings’ retellings of Jaroslav’s highs and lows are truly gripping. Trapped in a doomed system of communist repression that touched every part of his life—on and off the track—Jaroslav Falta somehow emerged as one of our sport’s all-time favorite heroes. Gary Tippings’ The Stolen Title further cements Falta’s place in motocross history, not just for what could have been, but for what really was.”




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