Vintco replica Fox Air Shock 14.25″


  • Distance Center to Center 14.098 (inch) 358.1mm
  • Travel 4.423 (inch) 112.4mm
  • Collapsed Length 9.673 (inch) 245.7mm
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Back in the day these awesome shocks were the ‘go to’ shock for the privateer rider hoping to prove himself on the GP circuit. By simply altering the pressure in high and low pressure chambers the shock could be tuned to perfection, quite literally levelling the field against the factory boys. And when the going got really tough the factory boys turned to them too, who can forget Lackey and Noyce battling it out for world honours with those gorgeous Fox Air Shocks!  

These are exact replicas of those famous shocks, manufactured today by Vintco using the very best modern materials and state of the art engineering. The are true works of art.

The shocks come complete with set-up manual and a selection of mounting spacers and we have additional shims available to tune the mounting eye width precisely to your machine. If you have any questions about fitment to your machine just pick up the phone and ask!